Want To See The Most Terrifying Spot On The Planet? Check This Out.

When you see photos of people on the famed Potato Chip Rock just outside San Diego, USA, you can’t help but marvel at their bravery or be astounded by their foolishness, depending which way your mind works.


You even see photographs of fairly young children bravely posing, suspended from sure death by only a thin rock. Well I hate to burst your bubble and give away their secrets but the scariest thing about Potato Chip Rock is the long, steep walk to get there and the queue you have to wait in to get your chance for a photo opportunity. The reality is, the photographs are all about perspective and it is a relatively easy rock to get on to and not even particularly high.


If the camera person is positioned in the right place, the perspective makes it look utterly death defying. So my humble apologies to anyone who has shown their photographs to friends or loved ones and I have now let the cat out the bag. The photos still look amazing, I will give you that. As far as risk goes, it is no more dangerous than getting a hotdog from a street vendor.


Seriously, the effect is really amazing and I don’t blame people for showing them off and enjoying the experience. It has helped to make the rock a very popular destination for local and foreign travelers alike and it one of the most photographed landmarks in the San Diego area. The rock is located in Poway, California and has an elevation of over 1800 ft. It is not an easy walk to get there and is a just under 7-mile round trip.


The journey is very steep up and down. You start off in the popular Lake Poway parking lot. It is surrounded by a large park with people boating, fishing or enjoying the trails. From there it is a short climb up a hill until you reach the Mount Woodson trail. From there on, the real climb begins. You will know you are at the top when you see the queue of people waiting to pose for their heroic shots. Patiently wait your turn before heading back down the steep path.


At least you can say you have been there, conquered Potato Chip Rock and you have the photographs to prove it.