Want A Piece Of Land And A Job Without Trying? This Canadian Town Wants You!

If you are looking for a change of scenery and a new challenge in your life then Cape Breton is the place for you. This small island just east of Nova Scotia, Canada is looking for people.


The idyllic small town has lots to offer and is looking for new people to settle there. A bakery and general store, the Farmer’s Daughter Country Market is hoping to expand but needs more people. This island paradise has churches, children’s clubs and a host of things for people to see and do, they just need the people to see and do them. It is a nature lovers paradise with a lot of unique flora and fauna.


It is also extremely clean and tidy. Sadly, the population of this quaint island has been declining for some time and they are eager to get some new faces in. The current population is about 150,000. After running out of options with local job seekers, the Farmer’s Daughter’s owners decided to post an amazing offer on their Facebook page.


The message explained that anyone that was prepared to move to the town would be allocated 2 acres of land on which to live. The only condition was that Cape Breton is not part of the Foreign Worker Program so the offer was not open to foreign workers and could only accept people legally allowed to work in Canada.


They said that people must not despair as only two documents are required, a work permit which is granted when you get your temporary visa and a job offer from a Canadian company that has been approved by the Ministry of Employment and Social Development of Canada.


One of the co-owners, Sandee Maclean, said she received a great response. “The last time we counted I think we were over 3,100, and every time we open up our email there’s still more coming in, so it’s exciting,” she told reporters. Maclean is a partner in the business, along with her sister. The sent out questionnaires to the applicants they narrowed down and then did interviews with them on Skype. They are expecting people to join them shortly.