From Outside It Looks Like A Simple Hangar, But When You Go Inside? Unbelievable!

Originally built as a gigantic hangar for a German airship company, this unassuming dome conceals the tropical paradise awaiting within.


Appropriately named ‘Tropical Islands’ it is an incredible water park with heaps more on offer. You would never expect anything like it when looking at the rather drab exterior but enter the gargantuan dome and you will be amazed.


It boasts an amazing entertainment center with a tropical forest, an artificial lagoon and a number of themed parks and areas or entertainment or interest. The many water slides are one of the main attractions as the twist and turn throughout the center.


The highest is 25 meters high. The numerous pools are enormous and all have regular artificial waves. Dotted around are beach huts and palm trees. The central tropical forest consists of over 50 000 plants and trees. Visitors can relax with a cold beer or enjoy a massage or Jacuzzi.


If you are feeling a bit more energetic, there are a number of sporting activities including aerobics, golf and of course, beach volleyball. You can even, believe it or not, take a trip around the park in a hot air balloon. The internal temperature is maintained at a comfortable 26 degrees.


If the fun and excitement of the day has exhausted you and the family, you can stay over, spending the evening either on the beach or in the parks own hotel. A few interesting fact and statistics about the park that is 60 km outside Berlin is that that it is 360 meters long, 210 meters wide and an amazing 107 meters high.


This makes it one of the largest self-supporting halls in the world. To put that in perspective, the 66,000 m² area is equivalent to eight football fields. You can fit in the Eiffel Tower lying on its side or the Statue of Liberty standing up. The two hefty doors weigh 600 tons a piece and take a good 20 minutes to open or close, they now remain open.


Close on 14,000 tons of steel was used during construction. The park can accommodate 6,000 visitors per day and had 975,000 visitors in its first year.