Woman Transforms Her Old Van So She Can Travel The World With Her Dog!

Marina Piro was born in Italy, currently lives in the UK, and is beginning to live her life to the fullest. Piro recently decided she wanted to travel around the world with her Labradoodle named Odie.

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In order to do this, however, Piro needed proper transportation, and she found just that in the form of a 5 door 2001 Renault Kangoo she named Pam. The van has been renovated with wooden floors, curtains installed for the side windows in the back, a miniature kitchen, and a comfortable bed.

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This lifestyle Piro has adopted is a small part of the nomadic culture that’s steadily growing in the world: People are creating mobile homes out of larger vehicles and are traveling around the world. One documentary about this lifestyle called “Without Bound” explains that this way of life is very much about perspective.

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The difference between being homeless and being nomadic, is the attitude towards life. Homeless people hate living in their car, or living on the streets, but nomads can’t get enough of it. People that are constantly traveling with purpose are the most fulfilled in this way of life where there is a lack of a static residence.

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The same documentary also shows the struggles of living out of a vehicle. Most of these people are business owners, and still have consistent streams of income, but their way of life is rejected by those that prefer the traditional way of living.

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In Los Angeles some years ago, it was made illegal to be living in a camper and to keep the vehicle on the streets for an extended amount of time. Such bans make the nomadic way of life difficult. But then again, that’s how cultures and lifestyles are made, and they thrive despite the difficulties.

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Part of Piro’s reason for traveling is for her blog. She said “The blog was created to make women feel like they could convert a van if they wanted to, even if they are alone/clueless/manless.” This blog is primarily meant to present women with a lifestyle other than being a stay at home mom or some other traditional stereotype.

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“Many women tell me, ‘I wish I could do it, but I would have no idea where to start’ or ‘I’m not brave enough to follow my dream.’ Now they have no excuse!”