Blogger Found A Way To Travel Across America For Less Than $300!

The United States of America is made up of 50 states and is a huge country, and Derek Low has found a way to see as much as possible. Derek travelled from San Francisco to NY by train which cost around $213.


“Travelling by train gives you a glimpse into the soul of America. The experience rewards you with far more stories and experiences and sights than you could ever witness alone in a car, eyes fixed on the road, or on a five-hour flight across the country.” Derek documented everything, photos from his blog show ocean scenery, to snow-capped mountains, deserts, and this was on the first leg of his journey from San Francisco to Utah.


Derek says that the trains have plenty of legroom and added; “The seats are spacious with plenty of legroom and they recline a good 40 degrees. They’re more comfortable than economy class seats on planes; perhaps something more like business class on a crappy domestic airline.” Derek says that there are tricks that come with the journey, for example, to get the best value you need to book two different train tickets; the California Zephyr and Lake Shore Limited.


“In just four days, I’ve seen both the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean without taking a flight. Some people have told me that I’ve already seen more of the country than most Americans.” Derek can even help you plan your own trip, for just $49. You might soon be able to travel from London to Tokyo by train. Afraid of planes?


Well get ready for some great news then for you at least, soon you’ll be able to travel by train from London to Tokyo. The changes to make this happen would mean that the route would bypass Vladivostok which is currently the final stop on the Trans-Siberian route. There’s a tunnel or bridge that links the Pacific island of Sakhalin and the city of Khabarovsk that’s about four mile.


The Kremlin wants to help develop Russia as it lags behind economically and Japan wants to increase tourism. The plan may not ever get off the ground due to the long-standing argument over the islands. The dispute is that the four islands belong to one another, it was the basis for why they never signed the peace treaty post-World War II.


When Vladimir Putin visits Japan in December they may speak about this possible railroad extension.