Next Time You Visit Ann Arbor, Check Out The Fairy Doors Installed By Jonathan Wright!

Ann Arbor in the state of Michigan United States of America is home to Magical Fairy Doors scattered around the city.

First appearing in the baseboards of the house belonging to Jonathan and Kathleen Wright in 1993. Whilst Jonathan was renovating the family home he decided to install a tiny door in the house for his kid’s amusement. The tiny door opened into a tiny room with a staircase leading up to a second door.

Encouraged by the children’s response Jonathan decided to build more. The children found other doors in the fireplace and kitchen. Jonathan took it a step further when in 2005 he installed the first public fairy door on the exterior of a local coffee shop.

Since that time Jonathan has installed many more fairy doors which have been popping up around Ann Arbor much to the delight of local children and adults alike. The fairy hunters have been leaving small fairy sized gifts at the doors like sweets, socks, hats and letters.

The Fairy doors can found at the following locations in Ann Arbor;

  1. The Sweetwater’s coffee shop door is located inside on the baseboards opposite the counter. Details mimicking the detailing found outside the cafe.
  2. The Peaceable Kingdom door is outside to the right of the entrance, with a visible “fairy gift store” inside.
  3. The Selo-Shevel Gallery door is on the Liberty St. side of the building, at sidewalk level. A simple red door with tiny grey bricks framing the door.
  4. The door at The Ark is found on the left side of what was once the ticket booth. The door is a simple brown with a stained-glass window.
  5. The door at Red Shoes is both inside and out, the door is a near-exact replica of the actual entrance.
  6. The Ann Arbor District Library door is found on the end of the Fairy-tale and Folklore bookshelf. It’s a small blue double door with a teal frame and an entire room set inside of books
  7. The door at Nicola’s Books is above the fireplace in the back of the store.

The Fairy Doors have become such a tourist attraction that they are starting to appear in places such as San Francisco and New York.