Always Wanted To Visit Pirate Island? Check Out The Pirate Island of Île Sainte Marie

Sainte Marie also was known as Nosy Boraha, is a beautiful island which is located five miles off the remote east coast of Madagascar. The island is a narrow granite island.

This idyllic island is known for many things, it’s a stunning tropical island that was once home to pirates! During the 17th and 18th century the island was located not far from maritime routes. Many ships transporting precious cargo passed through from the East Indies. The island provided safe shelter to the pirates and they used this to their advantage by pillaging ships when they were drawn in.

The island also featured great vegetation so food wasn’t an issue. Adam Baldridge came to Sainte Marie in 1685. He founded the pirate settlement after fleeing Jamaica. He was wanted for murder. It took no more than a year to gain control over the inland waterways into Sainte Marie and its harbour. He managed to subdue the chiefs of local tribes and forced them to pay Baldridge in supplies such as cattle, food and even woman.

Baldridge managed to forge partnerships with wealthy merchants from New York. He was very successful in exchanging money and goods with the pirates. He (Baldridge) managed to take a fair amount of treasure from the pirates such as supplies, rum, tools, ammunition etc. He offered the pirates resources like livestock (chicken, cattle, turtles and fish) and different fruits (pineapples, yams, etc). The island was littered with warehouses that were filled with treasure and merchandise he’s collected from the pirates.

The island had a total of 1000 pirates inhabiting it at its peak. Baldridge built himself a hilltop mansion and fort. Baldridge also began taking part in the slave trade. He’d buy the slaves on the east coast and would sell them to ships passing through or he’d send them to America. The island population did revolt when Baldridge attempted to sell natives. They destroyed everything in 1697 and forced them out. The pirate colony fell into decline with the absence of Baldridge by the 1700s the life of a pirate wasn’t much of a life.

Piracy practically died the moment the island did. Today it’s a tourist attraction and tourist are able to do many enjoyable things to make it a family fun day.