There’s A Little Bit Of Germany In This Charming Little Town In Brazil!

When one thinks of Brazil, the image of passionate soccer fans, sunny skies, beautiful beaches and carnivals come to mind. Not Oktoberfest and German sausages.

Situated about thirty kilometres from the city of Blumenau in Brazil you will find the town of Pomerode, the “most German town in Brazil”. Pomerode gets its name from the town’s founders who came from the region of Pomerania on the Southern shores of the Baltic Sea between Germany and Poland.

Pomerode was founded more than 150 years ago and still today the majority of the towns approximately 25000 residents speak German with a distinctive Pommersch accent. On entering Pomerode you will find all the cottages and building architecture is in a traditional German style reminiscent of the early 1900’s. The older houses of Pomerode are being carefully preserved and any new properties developed are encouraged to keep the authentic German style.

Pomerode is not the only German town in the region as there are actually a lot of Germans living in the Southern part of the country. German immigration started in the 19th century between 1848 and 1939, with a significant number arriving post World War 1. This influx of German immigrants to the area make them the fourth largest community in the country after the Portuguese, Italians and the Spanish.

Not without its difficulties, for a large part of the 20th century the Brazilian government did not encourage the speaking of German. The speaking of German was prohibited during the Presidency of Getulio Vargas (April 1882 – 24 August 1954). Over the years the Brazilian Government has become more tolerant of the Germans, acknowledging their culture as Germans, where today sees German as part of the curriculum in the local schools.

The German Government recognises the cultural significance of their Brazilian brethren which has let to Pomeranian events and tourism. The Brazilian Germans have actively embraced their German heritage and the traditions it brings, with dancing and clothing being influenced by German Bavarian culture.

Perhaps taking their adoption of the German culture a little too extreme, Pomerode made global news recently after a large swastika was spotted on the bottom of a private swimming pool.